Little Words #2


Ropes tied up with stones,
feet torn, decorated with wounds.
Drawing made with sweat and blood,
portrayed naturally on the landscape.
They feel the weight, took the whole spirit to lift up
and step ahead.
With each step, calls for a lift, your soul,
the bloodsheds.
The soul would shake, while a drop of sweat rolls down the forehead.
Spiritually driven, bonded strong,
they all won’t stop, whatever ahead.
We learn, how they turn to be brave soldiers
in all tough day.
How to move on with no complaints.
Wrist tightened, energy flowed,
rousing enthusiasm through nerves.
What time, condition, weather,
walk alone.
‘You can do this!’- is the shout as well a whisper.
Strength, their identity, determination, their weapon,
breaking those ropes, running, spirit won’t die
As they go on forever!