We are all in a bus riding, but without a map. Maybe this is how I picture my future, but I still feel okay. We are all taught to dream big and run for the bigger. We are all manufactured to hold the handle tight, because this roller coaster is not fun. But, why are we so stuck to the light of a lamp, the waves coming onto our feet, the sunshine peeking through the window, these are not as big as the names suggest? This is randomness found everywhere.

I was in my blanket sipping the hot coffee, listening to some old bolly with my writing pad beside and all this week my phone was full of snaps of beaches, hills and sunsets. My old school friend shared a picture when we were in 8th standard, the faces seemed in need of some nutrition, but at least this brought the dead group to life. As soon as the conversations turned to aspirations, I heard my mom calling, which out of nowhere scared me. Life thumped hard at times, and it will; only it depends that how hard you can let it hit you.

There I saw some street dogs, drinking milk, and my friend sent me a click, birds drinking from the puddle and we all save pictures from our Facebook feed which are randomly beautiful. How fun it is to watch our friend dancing weirdly or that sound when the whole group burst into laughter after you crack a joke. I can remember my last trip, just stars and the moon, cold weather and walking, I couldn’t capture anything in my phone; I didn’t want to, that effort of putting hands inside my pockets, taking out the phone and opening the camera. Lying under the stars-filled blanket was way too easier.

Last week my mother guffawed at those creative Snapchat filters, while we were trying to take a selfie. My dad sends me “good-morning” texts, expects me to have a wonderful day which off course can’t happen but reading them after a sick routine makes it a little better. My little cousin was trying to teach her grandmother how to use an Ipad, and her questions were portrayed in winsome way.  I love my weekends, and those residing in PGs and hostels love holidays, because the empty tea cups on the table and everyone away from their virtual screens is a day complete in itself.

Is there anything better than the late night walks when there’s a volcano erupting inside your heart or the same volcano inside your stomach gets you to late nigh munchies? The chocolate bites while sharing, or last sip of the water bottle? I am walking through all the moments which I can’t express but can only recite. The feelings which we all get sitting beside a river bank are not contained just in those big goals but are hidden under the cover of randomness.

All that randomness, you can derive from these little snaps, flash.  All you need to do is to not stare at your phone screens while waiting for the metro, budge for some passengers’ expressions, do not feel awkward to smile first or smile back, budge to make someone happier, do not miss out your family jokes because they can be the funniest, initiate hugs or help your mom in the kitchen and do not miss on the stars behind the phone screen.

Capture to live a little more, it’s all about randomness.


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